Science Workshops Coordinator / Keşif Kampüsü Trainer - Startup Workshop Trainer

Science Workshops Coordinator / Keşif Kampüsü Trainer - Startup Workshop Trainer

Job Description: 

Keşif Kampüsü is a children's university project created by the TTurkish Technology Team's in order to blend science and technology and bring them together with children, the building blocks of our future. At the Keşif Kampüsü, students receive education based on inquiry and discovery in various fields of science in thematic workshops. In addition to these, various art and personal development trainings and workshops that support students' development in social and emotional areas are organized. 

Keşif Kampüsü offers workshops in 9 different themes. In general, the qualifications to be sought in all instructors are as follows. 

• Having a good command of today's educational approaches (constructivist education, problem-based education, project-based education, IB etc.) 
•  Preferably having given applied workshop trainings before (Bilsem, Deneyap etc.) 
•  To be prone to project development culture 
• Strong communication skills with children  
• Strong research skills  
•  Being open to content development  
•  To have a good command of Web 2.0 tools

General Qualifications:

In order to become an instructor in the relevant workshops, you must have at least a bachelor's degree from one of the following departments.

 Entrepreneurship Workshop Trainer

•  Entrepreneurship Department
•  Department of International Relations
• Business Administration
•  (Preferably with entrepreneurship certificate from KOSGEB etc. institutions)